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NY Times Article Education Reform

Grading or Degrading?
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The New York Times published an opinion piece by Michael Brick providing his insights on the current "education reforms" and his views of the potential impact of these reforms on our schools and young people.  
Brick takes a look at the situation in Texas, which he calls "nobody's model of educational excellence", where there is a long history of using complex algorithms to assign grades (exemplary, recognized, acceptable, or unacceptable) to Texas schools.
"So far, such competition has achieved little more than re-segregation, long charter school waiting lists and the same anemic international rankings in science, math and literacy we've had for years."
Interesting read and an issue worth our attention.  It is imperative, for the benefit of our students and in being vigilant in maximizing our resources (e.g. staff, finances), that we evaluate and make determinations, responding in a thoughtful, productive, and proactive manner, rather than being reactionary.