Goodbye 2012 Hello 2013

Saying so long 2012
Welcoming in the new year

As we say goodbye to another year and welcome in a new beginning it would seem appropriate to reflect on the past year and keep some perspective as we move forward.  To that end, The Top 75 'Pictures of the Day' for 2012 (click on the picture to view):
First Sunrise of 2012

 And now for some perspective....I am predicting that one of the first 5 mistakes I make in the in 2013 will be the following:
For the Arrowhead Staff and Board of Education, wishing you and your family all the best in 2013.  

Veterans Tribute

Arrowhead High School

Arrowhead Area Veterans Tribute

Craig Haase, Joe Paul, and Ron Reichle, members of the Arrowhead Social Studies Department have been working for several months developing a veteran’s display case, which is located in the North Campus commons at Arrowhead High School.  On December 8, 2012 a dinner celebration was hosted at Arrowhead High School with over 140 veterans and their family members to officially "open" the display. 

Joe Paul, AHS Social Studies Teacher
welcomes Veterans & introduces
the Veterans Recognition Project
(From left to right) Kent Rice, school board, Bob Rosch, school board,
Mrs. Sudbrink, and Al Zietlow, school board cut the ribbon to
officially open the Veterans Tribute display.

The following representatives presented at the event:

            Morgan Roelke                                            Swallow Student
            Dan Vrakas                                                  Waukesha County Executive
            Robert Rosch                                               Vice President, Arrowhead School Board
            Craig Haase, Joe Paul, & Ron Reichle      Arrowhead Social Studies Teachers
            Arrowhead HS Boys Basketball Team (presented gifts to the veterans)

Ron Reichle, AHS Social Studies Teacher
makes opening remarks to the Veterans
Mr. Haase, Mr. Paul, and Mr. Reichle, along with their students have worked very hard to identify Hartland High School Veterans and Arrowhead High School Veterans to be recognized and honored in the display.  Several artifacts, donated by veterans and their families, are on display in the showcase.  Fundraising efforts, along with generous donations from the following individuals, organizations, and businesses have made the display and the dinner recognition possible:


            Anonymous Display Case                           Bronson Haase Family
            Kath Godluck                                               Bryan Mullett Family
            Klink’s Carpet                                              Lorleberg’s Hardware Store
            Al Zietlow                                                     Kent Rice
            Bob Rosch                                                    Sue & Mark Casetta
            Cheri Kaiser                                                 John Chessario
            AHS Wally Beans Coffee Shop                  Mark Johnson & AHS Farm
            Blunck Plumbing                                        Shanna Hechimovich
            Lynn Walters                                              Alex Wesner

Thanks to the efforts of the Arrowhead staff, students, veterans, their families, and several community members, the Veterans Display Case will be a permanent part of Arrowhead High School representing a tribute to our Veterans for all to experience.  Please come and visit our school to see the display.

Hartland High School Veterans

Arrowhead High School veterans

World War II                          Korean War/Era                  Vietnam War

Clem Becker USN                      Laverne Ferris USA                  Bob Bulen USAF
John Becker USA                      Gerald Frankenberg USN         Thomas Carstens USMC
Warren Brown USN                  Herbert Hancock USN              David Godluck USMC
Ralph James Fleming USA      Tom Hanrahan USMC               John Dalton USA
Bill Hilger USN                          Norbert O’Leske USMC            Tom Downing USA
Joe Hilger USA                          Robert Schwartz USA                Thomas Hoffman USAF
John Hilger USN                       Ronnie Frankenberg USA          Randy Howland USA
Tudy Jennaro USA                  Carl Zeutzius USAF                     John Kraft USN
Ken LeRoy USAF                     Al Zietlow USA                             Russell Lembke USA
Lawrence Lewitzi USN                                                                   Michael Stegner USN
Robert Lloyd USN                                                                           Donald Sudbrink USA
Jon Palmer USN                                                                              Ken Laatsch USMC
Bruce Pfeiffer USN                                                                          Kent Rice USA
Frederick Pfeiffer USN      
Robert Pfeiffer ARMY
William Pfeiffer USN
Wilfred Zeirke USN

Bill Hilger WWII Veteran
Stands next to Display Showcase
Bill Pfeiffer WWII Veteran
views the Display Showcase

Arrowhead hs post vietnam veterans

                                Ryan Bethke USMC
                                                Scott Bethke USA
                                                Nicholas Clawson USA
                                                William Groth USAF
                                                Linda Pfeiffer USA
                                                Richard Roy USN
                                                Tim Vilter USA
                                                Kenneth Zilisch USAF
                                                Karen Goetz USA
                                                Barbara Morris USA
                                                Robert Rosch USAF                       

Veterans Dinner Recognition
140 Veterans & Family Members attended the event

Arrowhead Boys Basketball Team members
prepare to present gifts to the
Veterans attending the recognition dinner

Bob Rosch, Arrowhead School Board member, and Veteran
shares remarks and extends appreciation to all Veterans who have served our country.

(From left to right) Kent Rice and Al Zietlow, Arrowhead School Board members and Veterans
make remarks during the Veterans recognition, honoring the men and women who have served our country.

Parent Communication December 19, 2012

Re:  Update School Safety Concern

Arrowhead Parents:

This communication is being sent to Arrowhead parents to provide an update on the rumors circulating regarding threats of violence at our school.  At this point, the information stems from rumor and not a specific threat.  This rumor is circulating in many other school districts throughout the State as well.  Arrowhead High School has enlisted the support of local law enforcement departments and is relying on their expertise in responding to and investigating this matter. 

As always, Arrowhead High School and the law enforcement departments supporting our school, take every potential threat seriously, especially in light of recent events.  Our district is fortunate to have a full-time School Resource Officer on duty at our school.  Information being shared is with the intent to simply inform and not to alarm or cause a panic.

The District appreciates that this rumor has raised considerable anxiety among parents.  Please know that the school’s administration, School Resource Officer, and local law enforcement have all been responding to and investigating all information regarding the threat, which appears to be circulating primarily through social networking/media. These types of threats can never be tolerated, and given the recent tragic events, they create even greater concern than ever before.

At this time, we have been assured that there is nothing to indicate that there is a credible threat to students and staff safety at our school.  Law enforcement officials have asked that we not share specific details of the increased security measures being taken at our school, as to not compromise the effectiveness of these efforts. We can, however, share that there is an increased police presence and that access to our buildings will be restricted and monitored.

Due to the uncertain weather pattern forecasted to impact our area, Thursday evening after-school events have been canceled.  The cancelation is not related, in any manner, to the rumor/threat.  Due to the difficulty in rescheduling events, coupled with the uncertain weather pattern, it was decided to proactively respond by rescheduling the events for another date.  Inclement weather impacting the operations of schools will be communicated as detailed in a previous communication sent to parents.

Please be assured that we will continue to do all we can to provide a safe, orderly, positive, and productive learning environment for your children.  We encourage parents to have your students in attendance at school; however, we will respect that if you have concerns about your daughter or son attending school on Friday, that you, as a parent, have the right to excuse your child.  Your support and cooperation in addressing this matter is greatly appreciated.

Craig Jefson
Arrowhead Union High School District

Parent Communication December 18, 2012

Re:  Rumor/Threat Arrowhead High School

To Arrowhead Parents and Staff:

On December 18th,  the Arrowhead administration became aware of a rumor that had surfaced regarding a possible threat that would occur on Friday, December 21, 2012 at Arrowhead High School.  School officials and the Waukesha Sheriff’s Department have investigated the matter and have determined there is no indication that this is a credible threat.  We have also been in contact with a neighboring school district, which is dealing with a similar rumor/threat to occur on the same day.

The Waukesha Sheriff’s Department and the Hartland Police Department have been involved in reviewing the matter.  As a precaution, we will take additional security measures towards ensuring the safety of our students and staff.

As we don’t know the source of the rumor, please take the opportunity to discuss this concern with your child.  If your child has reliable information, he/she should report it directly to the school’s administration or Deputy Pete Freyer, School Resource Officer.

The District and the Sheriff’s Department are taking all necessary steps to ensure students and staff members are safe.   The District wanted the parents and staff to be aware of this situation in a timely manner, and we will share any additional information as is appropriate. 

School will be open and the learning opportunities for students will proceed as normal.   Should parents have any concerns about your daughter or son attending school, parents have the right to excuse your child.

Craig Jefson
Arrowhead Union High School District

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