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Parent Communication December 19, 2012

Re:  Update School Safety Concern

Arrowhead Parents:

This communication is being sent to Arrowhead parents to provide an update on the rumors circulating regarding threats of violence at our school.  At this point, the information stems from rumor and not a specific threat.  This rumor is circulating in many other school districts throughout the State as well.  Arrowhead High School has enlisted the support of local law enforcement departments and is relying on their expertise in responding to and investigating this matter. 

As always, Arrowhead High School and the law enforcement departments supporting our school, take every potential threat seriously, especially in light of recent events.  Our district is fortunate to have a full-time School Resource Officer on duty at our school.  Information being shared is with the intent to simply inform and not to alarm or cause a panic.

The District appreciates that this rumor has raised considerable anxiety among parents.  Please know that the school’s administration, School Resource Officer, and local law enforcement have all been responding to and investigating all information regarding the threat, which appears to be circulating primarily through social networking/media. These types of threats can never be tolerated, and given the recent tragic events, they create even greater concern than ever before.

At this time, we have been assured that there is nothing to indicate that there is a credible threat to students and staff safety at our school.  Law enforcement officials have asked that we not share specific details of the increased security measures being taken at our school, as to not compromise the effectiveness of these efforts. We can, however, share that there is an increased police presence and that access to our buildings will be restricted and monitored.

Due to the uncertain weather pattern forecasted to impact our area, Thursday evening after-school events have been canceled.  The cancelation is not related, in any manner, to the rumor/threat.  Due to the difficulty in rescheduling events, coupled with the uncertain weather pattern, it was decided to proactively respond by rescheduling the events for another date.  Inclement weather impacting the operations of schools will be communicated as detailed in a previous communication sent to parents.

Please be assured that we will continue to do all we can to provide a safe, orderly, positive, and productive learning environment for your children.  We encourage parents to have your students in attendance at school; however, we will respect that if you have concerns about your daughter or son attending school on Friday, that you, as a parent, have the right to excuse your child.  Your support and cooperation in addressing this matter is greatly appreciated.

Craig Jefson
Arrowhead Union High School District