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The Arrowhead Award

“The Arrowhead Award”
2012 Recipients

The “ARROWHEAD” Award is presented by the Board of Education to a selected staff member(s) for their dedication and loyalty to Arrowhead, based upon a longevity threshold, a passion for their profession, and for their impact on the school and/or program(s) throughout their career.

The recipients of the 2012 award:

Pat Blakely

39 years of service to the Arrowhead School District.
Provides district-wide clerical and secretarial support to teachers, department chairs, and coordinators.

Here is what others have said about Pat:
  • She has been the foundation of all that is good and great about Arrowhead.”
  • Pat does not simply talk about what needs to be done, she gets it done.”
  • She is Arrowhead!”
  • The woman is amazing in what she can accomplish on a daily basis.”

Eileen Dlobik

16 years of service to the Arrowhead School District
Works directly with students with disabilities. Supervises and coordinates the community based student work experience program.

Here is what others have said about Eileen:
  • “Eileen has taken ownership of the Community Transition services for youth with disabilities and at risk of not graduating.  She has met with countless local business owners to secure sites for 'internships' for students, often outside of school hours.“
  • “Eileen truly “loves” AHS.“
  • “Eileen doesn’t see problems as difficulties; instead she views them as current obstacles and opportunities for growth.“
  • “There are countless families and students who share feedback as to how, thanks to Eileen, a student has graduated, continues to attend school, and found a belief in their skills.”

Mike Ward

24 years of service to the Arrowhead School District
22 years as Guidance Counselor and Guidance Department Coordinator; last 2 years has served as the Assistant Athletic Director.

Here is what others have said about Mike:
  • “Mike is fiercely loyal to Arrowhead.  If ever there was a need for someone to be an ambassador for Arrowhead, Mike Ward would be the best person to represent us and tell others about us.  When he talks about Arrowhead you can hear the pride and enthusiasm in his voice.”
  •  He very proud to tell people he is an employee of Arrowhead High School.  He enjoys being affiliated with all of the positive successes and achievements that Arrowhead represents.”
  • “Mike is always positive in his interactions with others. If something needs to be done, he will rise to help and does it with a smile.”
  •  Mike loves working at Arrowhead High School where he continues to be ‘living a dream’!”

Peggy Wieschel

23 years of service to the Arrowhead School District
North Campus kitchen supervisor; manages daily operations of North Campus kitchen; manages district concessions.

Here is what others have said about Peggy:
  • “Peggy has a GREAT passion for what she does.”
  • “I have NEVER heard a negative word come out of Peggy’s mouth!!  My guess is that nobody else has either!”
  •  “She makes things happen – no matter what!!  NEVER have I heard her say that she is too busy or there is not enough time to prepare.  Her attitude is ‘We Can Make It Happen!!’”
  •  “Peggy is a wonderful, energetic, dedicated, determined, hard working, mild mannered, and positive employee of Arrowhead. “