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School Success Program

Arrowhead High School 
New School Success Program

The Arrowhead High School Student Services Department strives to provide a wide variety of services focusing on the needs of all students in order to promote student school success.  Over the past year and a half a group from the Student Services Department has been working with Willowglen Academy, an outside mental health provider, looking at how to address the needs of students with intensive mental health needs greatly impacting their ability to learn and attend school.

Currently, Arrowhead staff and families are supporting the students with significant needs through a variety of quality assistance and supports.  This small group of students, approximately 5-10, requires a lot of time from multiple people in order to, often times; barely sustain attendance and maintain minimal work completion.

In order to assist the students with greater success Arrowhead, North Shore Middle School and Willowglen Academy have created a collaborative joint partnership.  This new collaborative effort is called School Success.

The purpose of the School Success services is to provide supports to students (grades 7 to 12) with significant mental health challenges through services designed to maximize their learning and social-emotional growth.  The services began on January 7th.  School Success will run Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 including during the summer.

Members of the School Success planning team are Michelle Altenberger – AHS School Psychologist, Adam Boldt –  AHS School Psychologist, Beth Stone – North Shore School Psychologist, Kristi Kirk – AHS Nurse, Jean Henschel – Special Education Teacher, Michele Schmidt – North Shore Principal, Michelle McKenna – AHS Counselor, Barb Whyte – AHS Counselor, Dacia Hopfensperger – Hartland Lakeside Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum, Henry Kunath Willowglen Academy, Nathan Zeiger – Willowglen Academy, Michele Cohen – Willowglen Academy and Mary Ann Beckman – AHS Director of Student Services.  

If you have questions or would like more information you can contact Mary Ann Beckman, Director of Student Services.