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Traffic & Pedestrian Issues Being Addressed

Generous Private Donation 
Allows AHS to Begin Improving Campus 
Pedestrian and Traffic Issues

In October, 2010 a group of community members tasked by the Board of Education met for approximately 7 months to develop facility recommendations.  The group was called the Facility Community Task Force (FCT).  The FCT identified a wide spectrum of facility-related needs and possible solutions.  

One of the areas identified was "Logistics, People, and Parking."  The FCT identified that Arrowhead needs to improve traffic flow on campus of both people and vehicles:  "Vehicular and pedestrian flow in and around the Arrowhead campus concerns FCT members, as does the safety of students, staff, and community on roadways, in parking lots, and on crosswalks. Currently the campus area experiences a high level of congestion."

The FCT also, as part of their recommendation, asked that the Board of Education take into consideration, when making decisions based on the FCT findings, the "tax and fiscal environment."  The direction was, as finances were available begin addressing the areas identified.  

Recently, a private donor has come forward offering to finance improvements at the Mullett Ice Center to include walkway, lighting, and parking renovations, which begins to address the priority recommendations from the FCT report.  The anticipated time frame for this improvement project is April to June, 2013.