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AHS Students Among the Best in the Country

Arrowhead students excel
25 AHS students place among best in the country
On national German exam

The following is a communication sent to Arrowhead Administrators regarding the accomplishments of several of our students:

Charles Boyer
AHS Junior
Dear Administrators

I am writing to congratulate you and some of your pupils and staff for a remarkable achievement.  I am Chair of the Testing Committee for the American Association of Teachers of German here in my home state of Wisconsin, and the results of this year's National German Exam have done us proud again.

Christina Sorenson
AHS Senior
Arrowhead High School can boast 25 pupils with special achievements, youngsters who placed among the best in the country.  This is a testament to the dedication and hard work of both your German instructor, Frau Schüth, and the respective students.  The following students should be recognized for their remarkable accomplishment of a Gold Certificate (the top ten percent in the USA):  Kaitlin Stoner, Charles Boyer, Ryan Rice,and Christina Sorenson.  Mr. Boyer also applied for the Study Trip Award of the AATG/PAD, and we met him at the applicants' interview last Saturday.  Seven more of your students earned the Silver Certificate (top twenty percent in the USA).

Ryan Rice
AHS Junior
Germany is the anchor and engine of the European Union, the world's second-biggest export country (after only China), Wisconsin's fourth largest export market, and a long-time trustworthy partner for the United States in multiple respects.  More people speak German as a mother tongue in Europe than any other, and German is the second language recommended by more graduate programs than any other.  Moreover, learning German improves one's understanding and usage of English.  German is the language of the future!
Kaitline Stoner
AHS Senior

Thank you again for your support of German and for educating young people to be culturally competent, globally aware, and Teutonically active!

Mit freundlichen Grüßen
Michael Koch, PhD
Carroll University