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Science Fair

Arrowhead High School

Students participate in science fair

Arrowhead High School had five students who recently participated in the Science Fair held at Waukesha Community Technical College (WCTC).   Mr. Dennis Mechenich, Arrowhead science teacher, shared that, “The students are very glad they went and were extremely impressed with some of the other students at the fair.” 

The students participating from Arrowhead were current sophomores and were responsible for conducting their own research for the Fair.  According to Mr. Mechenich, “Many of the others students at the fair used professionals to aid in their research and provide extensive support for their projects.” 

Zach Wesson placed 2nd in the Environmental Science category and Annie Lindenberg took 3rd in the Biology category.  Here is a list of the student's and their research topics:

Zach Wesson
The Phytoremediation potential
of Pennywort and Duckweed
Annie Lindenberg
The Effects of Peppermint on
Memorization through Ingestion

Randy Huang
The Research and Applications of Dextromethorphan Dialysis
Rachel Feder
The Inhibition of Slime Molds
Kaileigh Pieroth
The Inhibition of Slime Molds

Additional pictures of the students and their projects can be viewed at: