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Arrowhead High School
International Day

(Click on picture to watch video) Ms. Armour, Ms. Psket,
and Mrs. Schueth explain AHS International Days
The AHS World Languages Department invited the 7th and 8th grade students from all of the Arrowhead feeder school districts to participate in Arrowhead High School's International Day on October 18, 2012.  The event was planned to celebrate world cultures and languages by giving our students the opportunity to share their knowledge and skills with the younger students.  

(Click on picture to view video) Arrowhead High School
students teach Chinese to 7th and 8th grade students from
the Arrowhead feeder schools during International Day
Arrowhead students planned presentations, fun games, engaging activities, and sang and danced with the younger students, all while offering them experiences with other languages and cultures. They taught short language lessons in Chinese, French, German and Spanish. Some students also served as tour guides for our visitors, as they "traveled around the world" together.  They also prepared an informational poster scavenger hunt, which served as a raffle ticket and allowed the students the chance to win prizes donated by the school's language clubs.  

It was a great chance for our students to develop leadership skills and build their confidence!  The event was a collaborative effort organized by Ms. Armour, Mrs. Coraggio, Ms. Koepke, Mrs. Neumann-Hayes, Ms. Psket, Mrs. Schueth, and Mrs. Yao, along with the assistance of many dedicated teachers in our feeder schools that brought their students to us for the day.   

A GREAT event and FUN had by all!!