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State Report Card Release Delayed

DPI Delays Release of State Report Cards

Michael Thompson, Deputy State Superintendent for the Department of Public Instruction (DPI), released a notice Tuesday, October 2nd informing school districts that the DPI would be pushing back the public release of the 2011-2012 Report Cards.

In the statement released, Thompson states, “DPI has pushed the date of release for the Public Preliminary School Report Cards to October 22nd, 2012.”  He goes on to say, “The timeline change also lets us address your feedback on aspects of the report card calculations related to the Closing Gaps priority area and attendance and absenteeism calculations and determinations. As a result of continued data review in response to this feedback, we have carried out minor adjustments that may result in changes to your schools’ scores (or an NA) for the Closing Gaps and On-Track priority areas, as well as the Absenteeism student engagement indicator. Specifically, attendance and absenteeism calculations now only include students in 5K and above and the Closing Gaps calculation includes a safeguard to ensure that three years of data are used.  These modifications could in turn affect overall scores and ratings. This creates three potential impacts:
  • The vast majority of schools have minor overall score changes but remain in the same overall rating category.
  • A small number of schools move to a higher rating category.
  • A small number of schools move to a lower category.

Your feedback has been valuable in improving the fairness and integrity of Wisconsin’s new school accountability system.  We appreciate the careful attention paid to the report cards, and this opportunity to improve upon the system.”

The Arrowhead School District will continue to post information on the Arrowhead Schools Blog and Twitter sites, in preparation for the State Report Cards being released to the public by the DPI.  We hope to provide our staff, parents, and community with information that will better help you in understanding the complex accountability system that has been developed.


Craig Jefson
Arrowhead Superintendent