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Learning is FUN at AHS

Science 9 Students Blast Offffffff

Students in Science 9 classes this week participated in a rocket launch project.  The project is focused on the Science 9 Unit 1 Learning Targets:  Science Methods, Measurement & Graphing.  Students begin by graphing and analyzing historical AHS rocket data to determine key variables that impact the flight of rockets. Classes select independent variables such as water volume, mass, length or fin position to focus on. Small rocket teams then form hypotheses and build their rockets.  Data is collected on the action packed launch day followed by analysis and conclusion writing.

Connections are made with the rocket project as students study Energy, Forces & Motion during the winter months as well.

The 2012 Rocket Launch set a new record of 150 feet.  FANTASTIC!!

Mr. Mechenich, science 9 teacher, launches a rocket while students look on…come on Mr. Mechenich, keep your eyes open.  ;~)