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Focus School Identification

DPI Focus School Identification – Arrowhead High School

The Department of Public Instruction (DPI) has identified “Priority” and “Focus” schools in Wisconsin.  Arrowhead Union High School District (AUHSD) has been identified by the DPI as a “Focus School.”

The AHS identification is in the area of graduation gaps.  The following information is directly from the DPI relative to Closing Gaps”:
  • “Wisconsin has a number of specific and significant gaps in reading and mathematics achievement and high school graduation.”
  • The Closing Gaps Priority Area is designated to look at improvement among particular student groups in a way that “rewards schools for contributing toward closing the statewide achievement gaps.”
  • Closing graduation gaps using the high school cohort graduation rate.
  • Each “gaps” group is contrasted with a comparison group as shown below:

“Gaps” Group
Comparison Group
American Indian
White not Hispanic
White not Hispanic
Black not Hispanic
White not Hispanic
White not Hispanic
Students with disabilities
Students without disabilities
Economically disadvantaged
Not economically disadvantaged
Limited English proficient
English proficient
Not in supergroup

The two highlighted areas were identified by the DPI for students at AHS.  Our next Blog will break down the information and explain what AHS has done to address this matter.